Tooth extractions are a common procedure performed by dentists in Phoenix. There are several reasons why your teeth may need to be removed. If you have an infected tooth or one that has decay that cannot be saved, an On Pointe Dentistry dentist may recommend that you remove it. Teeth that have suffered trauma, gum disease, and crowding in the mouth can also be reasons a tooth may need to be extracted.

Some teeth may need to be surgically removed, but others are removed by rocking the tooth back-and-forth so that it loosens enough to pull free.


It is important to keep an eye on your tooth and maintain proper dental hygiene during the healing period. Your tooth will likely be healed in 7 to 10 days and during that time you should follow all instructions given to you by an On Pointe Dentistry dentist. Here is some of what you can expect during the healing process.

  • Do what you can to keep the blood clot in place. This clot is what prevents your tooth from experiencing pain due to dry socket.
  • Leave the gauze pad that was put in place after the procedure in your mouth for at least 3 to 4 hours after it is completed.
  • Do Not Use a straw for at least 24 hours after the procedure. This will help prevent the clot from dislodging.
  • Use an ice pack to alleviate pain in the area. Be sure to only ice the area for 10 minutes at a time, as leaving it on for too long can cause tissue damage.
  • Keep your head elevated during the healing process. Laying down flat for too long can actually prolong healing. You can use pillows to keep your head propped up while sleeping.
  • Take any painkillers that you were prescribed as directed to alleviate any pain that you may feel after the procedure.

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