Why Do I Need A Crown

Apr 26, 2019

Patients will sometimes be concerned when our On Pointe Dentistry dentist in Phoenix recommends a crown instead of a filling. To understand why a crown is recommended, it is important to understand how a filling works as well as a crown.

The Function of a Filling

Fillings are used when minor repairs need to be made to teeth. Cavities are often removed and filled using composite fillings that keep the tooth from incurring further damage. They can also be used to fix gaps, chips in teeth, and teeth that are misshapen. Fillings seal the tooth and keep bacteria from causing further decay, but they do not provide added stability to the structure of the tooth. If the filling is too large, it can fall out or become damaged from chewing.

The Function of a Dental Crown

Dental crowns can be for cosmetic reasons, but they have plenty of functional reasons as well. With a dental crown installed by our dentist in Phoenix, AZ, there are several reasons a crown may be used for your teeth. Dental crowns:

Seal the tooth: Dental crowns are meant to provide a tight seal on your tooth that keeps out bacteria as well as food particles. When a dental crown is created properly, the seal will prevent acids and bacteria from making contact with your natural tooth.

Provide stability: Crowns protect teeth by providing necessary stability. They work like helmets, fitting over the existing structure of your tooth to keep it from incurring any damage that could cause it to crack or split.

Absorb force: Dental crowns absorb force that your jaws put on teeth when you chew. The jaw is immensely strong and exerts a lot of force – so much force that you are capable of breaking your own teeth if you bite down too hard or grind your teeth. A crown keeps the jaw’s bite from causing damage to the existing tooth that is safely sealed under it.

If you require a crown, visit our dental office to see a professional and highly trained dentist near me that can provide you with a crown that protects your teeth and provides support and stability.

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