When Dentures Are Right for You

May 01, 2019

Advances in medicine have made it possible for people to live longer and teeth as well. Your teeth can withstand a lot, and over time they may become worn down and become damaged. If the damage is extensive, teeth may be lost after all options to restore them have been exhausted. At On Pointe Dentistry, you can get dentures that fit your mouth and restore your smile so that missing teeth are not visible to others and you can smile, eat, and drink more efficiently.

Available Dentures

When you visit a dentist near me, you can get certain types of dentures installed by our dental team. The options available in our dental office include:

  • – Complete dentures: These dentures are used when all teeth are missing from the lower or upper arch of the teeth.
  • – Partial dentures: Partial dentures fit around the teeth that still exist in the mouth and are held in place with clasps and other devices that allow them to be attached.

Dentures Made with Advanced Technology

When many people think of dentures they think of the negative stories they have heard over the years. These experiences are likely due to dissatisfaction with how dentures look, feel, or fit into the mouth. However, dentures have become more efficient with the advancement of technology. This technology allows dentists to create customized dentures that are made to fit perfectly into the mouth.

Your dentures can be made from state of the art materials that enable our dental professionals to create a set that contours to the shape of your jaw comfortably. There is no worry of fake looking dentures because they are customized to look like your natural teeth.

There is no reason to put off treatment if you want a restored smile. When getting treatment from our dentist in Phoenix, AZ, you will be able to have a smile that looks natural and allows you to be more confident. Visit our dentist in Phoenix or call our dental office to speak with a professional that can schedule an appointment and provide you with more information about your denture options.

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