Three Reasons Why Replacing a Lost Tooth Is Important

Jul 01, 2022

Do you have one or more missing teeth and notice that your smile is impacted? Are you aware that your smile is not the only casualty of the teeth you lost? How would you react if informed that tooth loss can affect your overall health?

You might not have sufficient information on why you must consider tooth replacement solutions when still having your remaining teeth in your mouth. However, when you learn about the three important reasons why you cannot ignore getting replacements, we are confident you will look for a dental practice providing different kinds of replacement solutions. Before we proceed any further, let us give the three reasons you must take replacements for your missing teeth.

1. Made for Each Other

Your teeth are made for each other and work in unison when maintaining their correct positions. However, when you have one or two teeth missing, the remaining teeth begin shifting towards the empty gap in your mouth. The shift in the position causes a bad bite to result in you needing orthodontic treatments at high prices to correct the positions of your teeth. In addition, the movement can expose the roots and gums to oral bacteria to cause painful and harmful infections.

2. Jawbone Resorption Is Inevitable

Tooth loss also affects your facial features, making you appear older than you are. Your teeth provide your jawbone with the stimulation it needs to produce new bone cells. In addition, your jawbone receives stimulation when your teeth grind, tear, and chew foods to encourage the best digestion possible. However, the tooth loss you confront hinders the process making your cheeks sag and sending you looking for help from the dental offices in Phoenix, AZ, to improve your appearance.

3. Problems with Digestion

When you confront issues with tooth loss, you undoubtedly face challenges having the food you love because you cannot chew correctly. As a result, you end up swallowing large chunks of food, resulting in digestive problems that affect your overall health. Besides preventing you from having your favorite foods, you also lose the ability to digest foods and must seek treatments from different medical professionals to correct the issue.

Actions That Help against Tooth Loss

Full Dentures

If you have lost most of your teeth and cannot endure dental implant procedures, you can consider having complete dentures created explicitly for your mouth by the Phoenix dentist.

Depending on whether you must have some teeth extracted before getting the replacement in your mouth, you can either have traditional or immediate full dentures. Conventional dentures require you to schedule multiple appointments with the Phoenix dentist to provide measurements of your mouth and test the dental appliance.

The creation of dentures closely resembles your natural teeth, ensuring your facial appearance will not change drastically. Dentures help improve your smile and fill out your facial appearance.

Partial Dentures

The dental offices in Phoenix, AZ, offer you partial dentures resembling your natural teeth if you are missing a couple of teeth and want to avoid unnecessary complications with them. In addition, partial dentures help close the gaps in your smile and help you eat the foods you love.

Dentists often prefer offering a fixed bridge if you have healthy teeth besides the missing tooth. However, if you don’t, the only alternative available to close the gap is a partial denture which proves adequate for your needs.

You might confront some challenges with eating and speaking when you start wearing dentures initially. However, the problems are temporary and subside as you get accustomed to the artificial replacements in your mouth that help overcome the issues you encountered with loss of teeth.

Replacing missing teeth also helps you prevent unnecessary expenditure from seeking dental treatments because the edentulous gaps in your mouth become breeding grounds for food particles and bacteria to remain trapped and cause infections like tooth decay and gum disease needing frequent treatments from the emergency dentist in Phoenix. Instead, you benefit in several ways when you get replacements for the teeth you lost using a solution best suited for your requirements.

The replacement teeth help safeguard your oral and overall health and prevent the need for expensive treatments from dental professionals for infections you didn’t expect. Therefore instead of merely thinking about your smile, consider the overall results of tooth loss that you might have to endure and consider getting replacement solutions right away from On Pointe Dentistry providing different options to replace your missing teeth.

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