Three Reasons to Secure Your Dentures with Implants

Nov 01, 2022

For years, people who wore dentures had no alternative to using adhesive products when securing them. Fortunately, today, there has been an alternative which has proven to be more beneficial. This alternative is dental implants that are used to secure dentures in place. They are often referred to as implant-supported dentures.

Many patients getting dentures today choose implant-supported dentures instead of traditional dentures. The traditional dentures are made to fit securely over the gums in your mouth. In contrast, implant-supported dentures are supported by implants embedded in your jawbone. You should secure your dentures with implants from dental offices near you for several reasons.

How Do Implant Supported Dentures Work?

If a person has enough bone in the jaw, a dentist in Phoenix will place implants in the jaw. This helps allow your bone Diffuse to the dental implants, usually over several months. Dental implants are secure and unmoving in your mouth. The two common types of implant-supported dentures are ball-retained dentures and bar-retained dentures.

Bar-retained dentures use a bar that follows your jaw’s curve to attach to the dental implants in the jaw. Your emergency dentist near you attaches clips to this bar or the denture. Using the attachments, you will then fit the denture over the bar and clip it in place.

Ball-retained dentures use a socket system and a ball to attach the denture piece to the dental implant. Usually, the attachments on the dental implants are sockets, while the attachment on the denture is balls that fit in the sockets.

Reasons to Secure Dentures with Implants

Some reasons why it’s important to secure dentures with implants for good oral health include:

Dental Implants Allow Dentures to Provide a Strong Bite

Traditionally people who wore dentures had to struggle with the loss of bite strength when transitioning from their natural teeth to the use of dentures. This means being unable to choose some tougher foods.

Dental implants help to correct this issue by providing additional bite strength. This is possible because your jawbone fully supports dental implants. This means that a quality pair of dentures, either partial dentures or same-day service dentures, easily offers a bite strength similar to that provided by natural teeth. This allows you to continue enjoying all of the food that you love.

Dental Implants Help Reduce Bone Loss when Used with Dentures

When your teeth are extracted from the roots, the sockets inside your jawbone are left empty. Over time, the empty sockets close, resulting in the jawbone shrinking. The type of bone loss is very common in individuals who wear traditional dentures and might lead to various problems.

For instance, the changes in the size and shape of your jawbone often result in poorly fitting dentures that need to be adjusted frequently. The boneless also can result in changes in the form of your face.

Fortunately, dental implants help reduce or prevent this type of bone loss by taking the place of your tooth root inside the socket. Since your tooth socket is no longer left empty, there’s no reason for the socket to close.

Implants Allow Dentures to Stay Securely in Place for Extended Time

While dentures adhesive initially does a good job of keeping the dentures in place, many adhesive products begin to wear off as the day goes on. This means that one might experience loose-fitting dentures throughout the day and require to reapply the adhesive. This is not a problem with implant-supported dentures.

When choosing to use implants to keep your dentures in place, one can be sure that they are dentures remains secure no matter how much time passes.

Other Reasons to Choose Implant-Supported Dentures

There are other reasons you should consider implant-supported dentures in Phoenix cosmetic dentistry. They include:

Durability: Dental implant-supported dentures require less maintenance and are stronger. This helps save the cost of told replacements and dental visits.

Allows you to speak clearly: Implant-supported dentures are more secure, so they hardly cause speech difficulties and enable you to communicate effectively.

Helps improve your appearance: implants keep the dentures locked in the mouth, remove anxiety, and restore confidence in your smile. If you need implant-supported dentures, visit us at On Pointe Dentistry to get yours today!

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