Things to Remember If Experiencing a Dental Emergency

Aug 20, 2022

A dental emergency is frightening to make you think in every direction and panic, especially if you don’t know why you developed an unexpected problem late in the evening or on holiday. In such situations, instead of panicking, you find it convenient to search for an affordable dentist, Phoenix, located near you, for advice on what’s bothering you and seeking relief from the pain in your oral cavity.


Although frightening, most dental emergencies do not cause fatalities but require you to understand your situation or seek treatment from a professional with knowledge of dental anatomy.


When encountering a dental emergency and the knowledge about your dentist being unavailable to alleviate the discomfort you experience or located far off, you might think you can wait or consider driving down to another part of the town to seek treatment. Unfortunately, the thoughts might prevail even if you have emergency dental offices next door providing services immediately instead of prolonging the treatment for a day or even an hour.


Essential Things to Remember When Confronting a Dental Emergency


Not all dental situations are similar, and some might not even require treatment from a dental professional. However, they undoubtedly need an evaluation to determine if no severe conditions are developing in your mouth that might need intensive treatments. Therefore the first essential thing to remember is to determine what’s bothering you without panicking.


Dentists and not medical professionals best handle dental situations. Therefore you must ensure you visit a dentist in your locality and not an emergency room that doesn’t have the infrastructure or the professionals to treat emergency dental situations. Furthermore, when you visit emergency rooms, you will likely wait in a queue instead of receiving prioritized treatment because medical professionals are busy managing different medical situations.


Finally, when confronting a dental emergency, you must collect your insurer’s details before heading to any dental professional because insurance providers cover many dental situations. Most importantly, prepare yourself to pay higher prices for emergency dental services, especially if you need treatment on demand and beyond office hours. The preparation helps alleviate your anxiety and puts you in a better frame to discuss your problem with the dentist you meet.


Which Dental Situations Need Prompt Treatment from Emergency Dentists?


As mentioned earlier, not all dental situations are considered emergencies, but some, like a knocked-out tooth, require treatment within 30 minutes from the dentist in Phoenix. However, rushing to the dentist without the tooth in your possession will not help. Therefore you must collect the tooth lying on the ground or nearby to rinse it without scrubbing the roots and place it in a moist milk container while heading to the dentist. If you get to the dentist as soon as possible, you can have the tooth splinted to the adjacent teeth to enable root reattachment in a couple of months. After receiving the necessary treatment from the Phoenix dentist, you must schedule regular appointments with your dentist to assess the tooth and ensure it is reattaching appropriately.


If the gum disease affecting you has progressed to periodontitis and causes excruciating pain, mobile teeth, or bleeding, do not consider ignoring the situation for some time. Instead, head to the nearest emergency dentist to help stop the bleeding and prevent tooth loss of the mobile teeth. The dentist might suggest that you need intensive surgical treatments like flap surgery or bone grafting, but the procedures are not offered as an emergency service and are scheduled after providing you antibiotics to control the infection. Therefore you help yourself alleviate the discomfort from the bleeding and buy time to schedule an appointment with your regular for the intensive treatments needed.


Similarly, a dental abscess near the roots of your tooth results from infection within the tooth, affecting the dental pulp. In such situations, emergency dentists recommend undergoing root canal therapy after controlling the infection to help you preserve your natural tooth.


If you experienced severe pain in your tooth after biting on hard foods and think you might have cracked your tooth, you could wait until morning to visit the cosmetic dentistry Phoenix to get the tooth mended using filling material without rushing to an emergency dentist’s office. However, caring for the tooth appropriately is essential until you receive the therapy.


Dental emergencies do not develop unexpectedly except for a knocked-out tooth. Therefore they are a manifestation in your mouth that you ignored for too long to allow the condition to progress into an emergency.


Visiting your dentist regularly for cleaning and checkups, besides maintaining excellent dental hygiene and avoiding sugary and starchy foods, help prevent most dental situations. Your dentist can even identify issues in your mouth during exams to create a tailor-made plan to avoid emergencies. Following the recommendations of your dentist and taking the preventive measures suggested can help prevent troubles.


If you ever confront a dental emergency, On Pointe Dentistry in Phoenix is willing to help you out without making you wait in a queue. Remember, an emergency dentist nearby offering prompt treatment is always better than driving across town to meet your regular dentist when dealing with a situation. Therefore visit this practice for the emergency help you need, whatever the problem.

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