Role of Dental Sedation In Relaxing Your Child

Oct 01, 2019

Children are never happy about dental visits but it is important to take them to the dentist for keeping their oral health in good condition. If dental health is taken care of at a young age, it can have positive benefits in the long run. In certain situations, the dentist might recommend using sedation during the dental procedure. Often children feel anxious and scared during dental appointments.

The fear of pain makes them anxious and they try to escape the appointment or throw tantrums. Even if the parents take children to the dentist, it might become very difficult for the dentist in Phoenix to complete the procedure. The child needs to be relaxed for the dentist to work. Thus, dental sedation in Phoenix can come to the rescue. It can not only help the child in relaxing but also will help the dentist in working peacefully.

Types of Sedation

According to the dentist in 85022, there are several levels of sedation your dentist may choose depending on the anxiety level of the child and how intense or invasive the procedure is.

Laughing gas is one of the most common types of sedation which is also considered safe for children. It is the lowest level of sedation which is combined with oxygen and administered with the help of a small mask. It is administered in a non-invasive way and it leaves your system quickly once you stop breathing it. The laughing gas will not put your child into sleep; it will only relax him/her.

Mild sedation is usually induced using orally administered drugs. The child remains awake and responds to verbal communication. Their movement and coordination may be affected. Respiratory and cardiovascular functions are not affected so there is no need for additional monitoring equipment or oxygen, says the dentist in Thunderbird.

Moderate sedation is a little more intense than the previous two options and will make your child drowsy. They may be able to respond to verbal communication but may not be able to speak coherently. They are likely to remain sleepy after the procedure and many children don’t even remember what happened during the procedure. This type of sedation can be reversed easily. Breathing and cardiovascular functions are generally unaffected, says the dentist in Pointe Tapatio.

Deep sedation, as the name suggests puts your child into a state of sleep. It is induced using intravenous drugs. They may make certain sounds or move a bit, but they will be in a state of sleep. It takes a little longer to recover from this type of sedation and it is unlikely that the child will remember anything about the procedure. An extra qualified person is present for monitoring your child throughout the procedure.

When is Sedation Required?

There are some reasons why sedation might be necessary for your child during a dental procedure, says the dentist in Moon Valley. If the procedure is painful, the sedation would be appropriate for avoiding unnecessary discomfort. Depending on the type and length of procedure, any of the above-mentioned types of sedation might be used.

If the child is feeling anxious about visiting the dentist in Lookout Mountain, it is important to make their experience comfortable so that they feel relaxed in the present appointment and also take some pleasant memories so that they feel less anxious during the next visit.

In case of mild anxiety, laughing gas or mild sedation can help the child in relaxing. If the child is very young, a higher level of sedation may be required to prevent them from moving during the procedure. In cases of extreme phobia or anxiety, higher sedation levels may be required.

Sedation is sometimes required for children with behavioral disorders or other special needs. It can be difficult or impossible to explain to the children why dental care is needed. The entire procedure can be frightening for them and hence appropriate level of sedation may help them in remaining calm and still during the procedure. All you need to do is keep in mind to choose the right dentistry in North Phoenix who is trained and experienced in sedation dentistry to ensure the safety of your child.

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