Is There an Age Limit to Get Dentures?

Jun 01, 2022

Many people see the word dentures and start picturing an older person taking an entire set of teeth out of their mouth. However, dentures are not age-dependent treatment and are not only for complete teeth replacement. There’s no age restriction for dentures. They are so helpful if you have lost any of your teeth.

Partial dentures fit your remaining teeth to create an appearance that matches your teeth, enhancing your smile. This is the right choice when recovering from extensive incomplete tooth loss.

In addition, no matter the reason you need dentures, getting them helps restore the function of your mouth. It also enables you to regain confidence in your smile. If you need dentures, book an appointment with On Pointe Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ, to learn about dentures and choose which one fits your needs.

Modern Dentures

One may be avoiding dentures because they think it’s a bulky device full of artificial-looking teeth that can easily fall out. You should know that dentures have advanced a lot. More substantial materials and advanced technology make dentures more natural-looking. Our dentist in Phoenix, AZ, fits the dentures perfectly, making you feel very secure and confident while wearing them.

Also, there are a lot of options when getting dentures. That means you can choose the dentures that match your goals, needs, and budget. One of the important choices is choosing implant-supported dentures or removable dentures.

Traditional Dentures

These dentures replace the top or bottom arches of the teeth and are removable. The dentist adheres to the traditional dentures to your gums using special dental glue, which can be removed anytime.

Our dental clinic in Phoenix, AZ, offers high-quality dentures custom-made to feel comfortable and look more natural. You should brush these dentures twice daily and soak them at night.

You should avoid eating while wearing traditional dentures to prevent damaging them. Although they might feel awkward initially, after a bit of time and with a custom fit, you’re able to drink, eat, speak and smile confidently.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Dentures may be attached, so they don’t need to be removed. Your dentist places the dental posts at several points into your jawbone and through your gums. Once your jaw and gums have integrated with the implants, the post is attached to the dentures.

These dentures can replace one or both arches of your teeth. Unlike removable dentures, they don’t require glues. You need to floss and brush twice a day since these dentures cannot be removed at home. Implant-supported dentures have fewer food restrictions and are easier to care making young people prefer them.

Before the dentures can be placed in the dentist’s office, the dentist will ensure that your jawbone and gums are vital to holding the implant securely.

Partial or Complete Denture?

You can get partial or complete dentures and choose between implanted and removable dentures.

Full Dentures

They are also called complete dentures. This denture is used to replace an arch entirely. You can get complete restoration of your upper arch, lower arch, or a set of both if all your teeth are missing. If you still have some remaining natural teeth, they can be extracted and replaced with complete dentures.

Partial dentures

You might be a qualified candidate for partial dentures with few healthy teeth. A partial denture is similar to a bridge because of uses your natural teeth to support the false teeth. We customize our partial dentures to match your remaining teeth.

Who can Benefit from Dentures?

Dentures help replace missing teeth. Although many people want to replace their missing teeth to improve their smile, replacing teeth with dentures helps improve your oral health. Missing teeth makes it harder for your mouth to complete its roles, such as eating and speaking.

Also, when you lose teeth, it impacts your gums, other teeth, and jaw. For example, spaces left to make the remaining teeth move and become misaligned. Also, if your gum tissues and jawbone are not working in holding a tooth, atrophy may occur. This can make bring difficulties to hold a denture and cause other issues.

Finally, significant gaps can impact your confidence since you’re ashamed of smiling. This might cause problems in your personal life.

But when you get partial or complete dentures in Phoenix, AZ, you’ll get great results, and the dentures will function properly and last for long.

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