Is Bonding as Good as Veneers

Feb 01, 2023

A cosmetic dentist will offer you several options to improve your smile. Two of the procedures most commonly used to create a perfect smile are dental bonding and veneers. Although they can give you the smile you desire, both procedures have pros and cons. Read on to learn if bonding is as good as veneers. 

What Are Dental Veneers, and How Do They Work?

They are thin shells placed over the front surface of teeth to disguise their appearance. Veneers are custom-made to fit onto each tooth, covering the existing cosmetic flaws. The dentist in Phoenix will ensure the shells resemble adjacent teeth in color and shape. They restore or improve the tooth’s appearance without looking unnatural.

A veneer can cover discolored, chipped, fractured or decayed teeth. They also close small gaps between teeth and protect tooth roots exposed by a receding gum line. They improve the shape, length, or size of teeth giving you an asymmetrical smile.

The dental veneer procedure is fast, straightforward, and painless. These veneers are created in a dental lab before fixing them on teeth. Veneers can fracture or chip due to dental trauma or grinding your teeth, but they are durable. The porcelain material ensures you have a permanent white smile
because they do not stain. Their glass-like surface is also resistant to abrasion.

What Is Dental Bonding?

It is a procedure performed in dental offices to improve the appearance of teeth. Dental bonding is a simple and non-invasive procedure. The dentist applies resin on teeth, shapes it appropriately, and then hardens it with a special light. Next, they will polish and shape the teeth to achieve the desired appearance.

Dental bonding transforms the appearance of teeth, improving your smile. The dentist can use it to correct imperfections like stains, gaps between teeth, decay, and small chips. The procedure can give you an amazing smile for 3-7 years. However, you must take proper care of your bonded teeth to avoid damage or staining.

What Are the Differences Between Veneers and Bonding?

It is not easy to choose between dental bonding and veneers. You must learn the differences between these two cosmetic dentistry procedures to know if bonding is as good as veneers. Some of the differences are:

  1. The cost

Most cosmetic dental treatments are not covered by insurance. Therefore, you must consider the cost of bonding and veneers as it may come directly out of your pocket. Veneers are more expensive than bonding but are more cost-effective in the long run. Bonding is cheaper, but the resin is prone to damage and staining, necessitating frequent repair or replacement. Veneers are more durable and do not stain or get damaged easily.

  1. Appearance

Both restorations are aesthetically pleasing. They can perfectly resemble the color of your teeth. Therefore, the repaired teeth will not stand out but blend in with the surrounding ones. However, bonded teeth can stain, affecting their initial appearance. On the other hand, your veneers will remain the same as they do not stain or discolor.

  1. Durability

If you want the more durable option, you should choose dental veneers over bonding. Veneers can last for more than a decade without requiring repairs. However, bonding lasts less than ten years and will need repair within that time.

  1. Time

Dental bonding is the most preferred choice if you need a quick fix to your smile. This is because it takes a single visit to the dental office for bonding and two visits for veneers. Veneers take time to custom-make while the bonding material is applied to teeth directly.

Fortunately, you can get dental veneers in Phoenix in one visit due to technological advancements in dentistry. The dentist will use the CEREC system, which creates veneers within an hour.

  1. Desired goals

The look you want to achieve will determine whether you need veneers or bonding. If you want a complete smile makeover, veneers are the ideal option. They can cover several imperfections at once, improving the appearance of your smile. However, bonding is your best choice if you want to fix a minor or a single flaw.

Dental bonding and veneers are very similar. Therefore, you need the help of a dentist when considering the most suitable option. Schedule an appointment with our experts at On Pointe Dentistry to get the best advice on which procedure is better for you.

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