How to Address a Swollen Wisdom Tooth?

Aug 01, 2023

After wisdom teeth removal at a dental office, swelling near the gums, cheeks, or other regions are common. It is usually visible after one day. Recovery after the surgery may differ and be relative to every patient. For simple wisdom teeth removal, the swelling is minor. However, for a complex surgery (such as wisdom tooth impaction, etc.), the swelling can be more. Check out the ways to manage wisdom tooth swelling.

How Long Does Swelling Stay After Wisdom Tooth Removal?

Pain and swelling after wisdom tooth extraction will go away within 2 to 3 days. In the meanwhile, stick to the instructions given by a local dentist. Wisdom teeth swelling can be due to infected wisdom teeth, resulting in complications. These include tumors or cysts around the trapped wisdom tooth.

Causes of Wisdom Teeth Swelling

Once the wisdom teeth erupt, swelling can be due to the following reasons:

Response to the Infection or Injury

Sometimes, wisdom teeth partially or fully develop over the gum lining. It results in tenderness, redness, swelling, and pain around the affected region.

Irritation to the Gums

When wisdom teeth develop, it irritates the gum tissue due to food pieces stuck in the area. It enhances swelling around the wisdom teeth.


Impacted wisdom teeth do not erupt via the gums by the jawbone or other teeth. It can result in the formation of fluid pockets or cysts near the tooth.

Other causes could be:

  • Wisdom teeth do not have the correct position.
  • Gingivitis.
  • Vitamin deficiency.

Ways to Minimize Swelling After Wisdom Tooth Removal

When wisdom teeth erupt, swelling can occur due to numerous reasons. Let us discover the best dental care tips to minimize wisdom teeth swelling.

Use a Salt Water Solution

If wisdom teeth swelling is due to the food pieces stuck in the mouth, using a saltwater solution is a good idea. Mix salt in one glass of warm water. Now, wash the mouth using this solution several times a day. It will reduce the swelling and minimize the harmful bacteria at the treated site. However, avoid spitting the salt water rinse out of your mouth.

Take Pain Killing Medicines with Caution

Another method to get relief from swelling for a short-term is to use pain relievers cautiously. But do not take more dose.

Use Clove Oil

Clove oil contains natural anti-bacterial and anesthetic properties. It will keep the surgical area clean while numbing that area. Just use clove oil using a cotton roll and dab it on the gums.

Put Ice on the Affected Side of the Jaw

Using an ice pack will minimize pain and swelling on the affected side of the jaw. You can wrap the ice with a towel and use it on the outside of your face.

If you notice your wisdom teeth erupting on both sides, place an ice pack for one minute and switch it to the other side. Then, continue repeating the process for nearly 10 to 15 minutes.

Cut Off Hard and Sugar-Based Foods

Hard and sugary foods can lead to inflammation and pain in the surgical area. Therefore, stay conscious about the beverage/food you consume after wisdom tooth removal at the Phoenix dentistry office. Try to take sufficient water in a day to minimize the bacteria and ensure your mouth stays clean.

Keep Your Head Elevated

Another way to minimize swelling is to sit upright and keep your head above the heart. For this, you can use some extra pillows.

Avoid Tobacco and Alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol consumption can result in gum irritation. To get relief from wisdom teeth swelling, try to quit them.

Use a Warm Compress

Apply a warm compress for 15 minutes and wait for another 15 minutes, then repeat the process to get rid of swelling and other discomfort.

Choose a Liquid Diet or Soft Food

For the initial days, the expert at On Pointe Dentistry recommends choosing easy-to-chew foods. You can also indulge in a liquid or semi-liquid diet. Soft foods you can choose from include smoothies, scrambled eggs, etc. When the wisdom tooth extraction area starts healing, you can get back to your normal diet.

Note: If you struggle with infection or pain, call the dentist at our dental clinic without delay.

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