How Dental Implants Can Give You Back Your Smile

May 07, 2018

Your smile is one of the most important things you can put on your face every single day. Smiles can start friendships and signify apologies as well as indicate strong affection for others. A smile has the power to change the entire world. This is why On Pointe Dentistry in Phoenix works hard to take care of your important dental health issues. Modern technology has made methods of restoring teeth safer and more effective than before. One of these methods involves replacing missing teeth with dental implants.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are posts that are implanted into the jawbone. These posts are often made of titanium and they act as the root of missing teeth. The jawbone bonds these implants securely so that they will have a solid foundation in your mouth.


Losing a tooth can affect way more than just your smile. Teeth have an effect on the entire facial structure, and missing teeth can lead to the deterioration of bone. This can affect the way you eat, talk, and smile. Getting dental implants to replace missing teeth can give you a higher quality of life.

How are they inserted?

Usually it takes about two surgeries for dental implants to be installed successfully. The initial surgery involves implanting the titanium post into the job bone. Once these posts have been implanted, they will bond with the child and become the foundation for your replacement teeth. This process can take anywhere from several weeks to six months.

Once bonding has been completed, a second surgery will be scheduled so that your replacement teeth can be inserted. At your second appointment, you will get a connector attached to the post that will anchor your new teeth in place. They are not visible after the tooth has been placed onto them, so you do not have to worry about seeing metal in your smile.

No matter how much tooth loss you have experienced, implants can help meet your dental needs. All of these can be taken care of at On Pointe Dentistry in Phoenix, including crowns and partial bridges, which are implanted to replace numerous missing teeth.

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