Fun Ways to Teach Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

Jul 01, 2023

Getting kids to brush their teeth is challenging but is essential to help children develop proper oral hygiene practices. Teaching kids to brush their teeth is frustrating, especially after a long workday. Parents must arm themselves with the appropriate tools to make it more comfortable to teach children how to brush and make it fun simultaneously.

The information we provide is apparently a guide, but if your child can brush their teeth without your help, it is always an excellent idea to encourage them to clean their teeth to have a bright smile.

How Do You Teach Your Kid to Brush and Have Fun When Cleaning Their Mouth?

  • Early Oral Hygiene Habits Are Essential: before your child’s first tooth erupts, you can try to soothe their gums as they are teething by using a soft washcloth to make them accustomed to the view of holding something in their mouth. Many brands make training toothbrushes without bristles or have soft rubber bristles to massage the gums and get kids familiar with the sensation. It helps if parents move to a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush their teeth until the child can do it themselves without protesting because they have developed the habit of having something in their mouths.
  • Education Essential: Children will need to understand why they must brush their teeth daily and need education on how brushing makes a significant difference to their oral health. However, parents must use their imagination to teach the child in terms they can understand using age-appropriate language. Parents can also inquire with the dentist Phoenix for a demonstration for brushing children’s teeth during the child’s next dental appointment. However, they must practice what they learn from the dentist on the child and use the information to benefit the kid’s oral health.
  • Role-Play: Role-Playing with kids when brushing is an excellent technique helping encourage children to mimic you. Parents can also use toys available on the market with fancy teeth and brushing tools by utilizing the brushing tools to clean the toy’s teeth or using a spare toothbrush for the purpose. When kids notice their favorite toy receiving a brushing, it will encourage them to mimic the actions.
  • Demonstrate Brushing: Kids love to imitate their parents when learning to brush. If parents decide to brush their teeth with the kids, make it a family routine and notice whether your child is brushing as you do, especially when trying to reach the back corners of your mouth.
  • Shopping for Cleaning Tools: Parents can take their kids shopping for brushing tools and allow them to choose age-appropriate toothbrushes with their favorite characters to ensure the kid loves the tool and will favor using it. Parents can also enable children to purchase special toothpaste, making it fun to use when brushing and enjoying the flavors. Parents can notice branded toothpaste having milder flavors than adult toothpaste. Parents can also consider purchasing a slightly expensive electric toothbrush for kids because it helps clean their teeth without manual action.
  • The Fun Aspect of Cleaning: family dentists suggest bringing fun to brushing and flossing because kids will likely find excuses to avoid cleaning their teeth unless they find it enjoyable. Parents must use their imagination to create games like making the most foam or bubbles and encourage the kid to imitate them spending more time with kids when brushing and helping kids clean their teeth as recommended by the dental clinic.
  • Technological Help: parents must not consider kids too young to get them accustomed to technology. Shopping in supermarkets will expose many technological gadgets with timers and songs designed to help children enjoy brushing. Making a small investment in the tools will help parents enhance the fun of brushing and encourage children to brush all their teeth to keep their mouths clean.

Brushing teeth at home is an essential requirement for everyone, including children. However, children also need six monthly visits to general dentistry to receive checkups and cleanings, besides parents receiving information on preventive dental care and diet and nutrition for their child to prevent dental infections from affecting them early.

Teaching kids how to Brush is a fundamental requirement that helps guide them in proper dental hygiene practices and helps them develop strong and white teeth. In addition, it also puts them on the path of creating a healthy smile without dental infections affecting them from early.

If your child is unwilling to brush their teeth, it helps if parents seek assistance from On Pointe Dentistry to learn how they can make brushing fun for kids to help them have good oral health. The dentists at the facility can educate parents on the finer points of making brushing entertaining for children, which they enjoy.

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