Foods to Avoid after Restoring Your Tooth with a Dental Crown

Apr 01, 2022

You receive dental implants Phoenix as replacements for the teeth you lost, enduring plenty of challenges financially and physically. On the day of getting your new artificial tooth customized for your mouth, you would be excited that you can finally have the foods you love and don’t need to restrict yourself any longer because you have replaced the missing tooth.


Eating with permanent crowns is not challenging because the restorations are sturdy and durable. However, exercising caution initially helps you prolong the life of the dental crown, which can chip or crack if subjected to excessive pressure. Therefore although you may have information that dental implants allow you to eat all the foods you love, it is your responsibility to realize the dental crown created from porcelain remains susceptible to damages and lasts longer if you care for it appropriately.


Can I Drink Coffee After Getting a Crown?


Porcelain is stain resistant, and crowns are usually created from this material. While the dental crown in your mouth doesn’t become discolored when you have pigmented beverages, your remaining teeth undoubtedly accumulate stains to leave you with an uneven smile. The dentist in Phoenix, AZ, recommends you have beverages like coffee, tea, fruit juices, and red wine in moderation, or try sipping coffee through a straw to reduce the risk of dental staining. Accumulating stains on your teeth isn’t challenging and is an ongoing affair. The fewer staining foods and beverages you have, the better your chances are of having a brighter smile that doesn’t need frequent teeth whitening treatments from dentists.


How long after cementing a Crown can I smoke?


Having a dental crown over tooth Bridges in your mouth doesn’t affect your smoking ability. However, smoking is associated with countless other oral and overall health problems. Therefore you benefit by requesting your dentist for smoking cessation techniques they happily provide.


What Foods Must You Avoid after Getting a Crown?


Dentists recommend you refrain from eating any foods until your mouth recovers from the anesthesia you received when getting dental crowns. After the crown placement procedure, your mouth remains numb and can inadvertently cause you to injure yourself. Therefore you must avoid eating solid foods until the numbness wears off entirely.


The dental cement bonding the crown to your natural tooth needs some time to set before you can use the crowned tooth. If you pressurize the crown immediately after placement, you will likely move it into an undesirable and uncomfortable position or even loosen it. Instead, you can avoid needing another dental visit to have the loose crown reinstalled by allowing it to remain in place to set.


You help yourself if you avoid having hard, crunchy, sticky foods for a few days after getting a dental crown placed. You must ensure you provide sufficient time for the dental cement between the crown and the tooth to bond together. Therefore you help yourself by having soft foods and avoiding caramel, toffee, raisins, et cetera that might pull at the crown. You must also stay away from celery sticks, carrots, popcorn, nuts, or any other complex foods that might cause the crown to dislodge.


The dental crown placement procedure is not entirely painless as avoiding the foods recommended for a few days after the placement. In reality, the longer you allow the dental cement and your tooth to bond together, the better your chances are to safeguard your restoration.


Caring for Your Dental Crown


Avoiding the foods mentioned in this article is insufficient to care for your dental crown and prolong its life span. You must also maintain excellent dental hygiene and schedule regular visits to your dentist for cleanings and exams. If your dental crown appears higher than the teeth around it and becomes a reason for persistent discomfort, see your dentist right away because a dental crown that doesn’t feel right can cause complications if not adjusted.


Plaque accumulation around your teeth and the dental crown is a familiar problem you will confront that needs everyday attention without exceptions. It helps if you understand the dental crown contains your natural tooth beneath it, and the tooth is susceptible to decay and gum disease. Therefore you must make all efforts to ensure your mouth remains free from irritants like dental plaque that you can remove every day by brushing and flossing. If required, request information about other tools to clean your teeth from the dentist to maintain your dental crown and dental health.


If you must get dental crowns for restoring damaged or decayed teeth, On Pointe Dentistry provides these restorations besides information on how to safeguard them for the benefit of your dental health. 

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