First Aid for Common Dental Emergencies

Dec 01, 2020

If you get knocked on the mouth, and any of your dental structures are injured, don’t assume that it’s all okay just because you can’t see the damage. Play it safe; book an appointment with the emergency dentist in Phoenix as soon as possible for diagnosis and early treatment.

Dental First Aid for baby teeth

Crawling toddlers and those who have just started walking are highly prone to mouth injuries. Bumps, spills, falls, and knocks are all a normal part of growth, but the damage could be long-lasting if left untreated.

You could save a child’s teeth from severe damage by knowing the right first aid when they hurt themselves.

Step 1: If a child’s tooth is knocked out, never try to reinsert it in the socket.

Step 2: Seek immediate emergency examination from a phoenix dentist. Dentists have the qualifications to determine, assess, and take the right course of action to treat the damage. You should carry along the knocked-out tooth to the dentist, so they verify that it’s indeed the whole tooth and not just part of it that has been knocked out.

Preserve the knocked-out tooth in a glass of milk or saline water inf you are unsure whether it’s a baby or adult tooth. This prevents contamination.

Step 3: Schedule regular check-ups with a dentist near you to monitor how the tooth develops.

Common Dental Emergencies for Adults

Here are emergencies and the right course of action you should take:

Toothaches: Use dental floss to remove any pieces of food, possibly lodged between teeth. If you have swollen tissues, a cold compress will come in handy. It’s best if you apply the compress next to the cheek. Using aspirin and other painkillers is not recommended as they could easily burn the soft gum tissue. See a dentist soonest possible.

Broken teeth: If possible, save any loose pieces. Rinse the pieces and also the mouth using warm water. If you’re bleeding, apply gauze on the bleeding site for roughly 10 minutes until bleeding ceases. Schedule an appointment with the phoenix dentist soonest possible. You can use a cold compress on the cheeks if there is swelling.

Knocked-out tooth: For a knocked-out adult tooth, retrieve it by the crown and avoid touching the root. If it’s dirty, rinse in warm water. Avoid scrubbing it or removing any tissues attached to it. You can put the tooth back in the socket if possible, without forcing it and facing the right direction.

If you can’t reinsert the tooth back, put it in a milk container or one with saline water. In each case, you need to visit the On-Pointe Dentistry dental office soonest possible. Chances to save a knocked-out tooth are higher if it is reinserted within an hour after the damage.

Lost Filling: Losing a dental prosthesis can also be a serious emergency as it exposes your tooth to elements. Sugarless gum can be stuck in the place of a lost filling or use of dental cement from a local drug store. Visit an emergency room as soon as possible.

Lost Crown: For crowns, schedule an appointment with the dentist in Phoenix, AZ, immediately, and bring along the crown. If you have a severe toothache and can’t get to a dentist soon enough, we recommend applying clove oil on the sensitive part using a piece of cotton. You can get clove oil from a nearby drug store.

Slide back the crown is possible. Before reattaching it, use dental cement, dental adhesive, or regular toothpaste to allow the crown to attach to the tooth. Never use super glue!

Abscesses: Abscesses are infections occurring about the tooth root or in between teeth and gums. The condition is severe and can damage the surrounding teeth and gum tissue, and if left untreated, it can spread to other parts of the body.

Since abscesses pose a solemn health risk, see the dentist in North Phoenix immediately, especially if there is a painful, pimple-like swelling. As a first-aid remedy, try drawing the pus outward using your mouth and use a slight saltwater solution to rinse the mouth.

Soft-tissue injuries: These are injuries that affect the gums, tongues, cheeks, and lips and cause bleeding. This is what you do to contain the bleeding.

  • Rinse using mild saline water
  • Apply pressure on the bleeding site using a gauze or a teabag. Maintain it for 15 – 20 minutes
  • A cold compress can be used outside the mouth to control bleeding and ensure pain relief.
  • Go to a hospital or see a dentist immediately if bleeding persists.

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