Emergency Dentistry Near You: What You Should Know

Mar 02, 2021

A dental emergency is a problem relating to teeth and auxiliary tissues that require immediate care. An emergency is defined by an urgent need to see a dentist out of the routine check-ups for cleaning and check-ups every few months. It is a common occurrence, usually involving pain in the oral organs. Emergency dentists at Phoenix cater for trauma, loose or broken teeth, and loose fillings.

What Does an Emergency Look Like?

Emergencies are not necessarily signaled by pain, although it is a common symptom. Pain can originate from the teeth or gums. Pain may also feel like it’s from the tooth but have a different source. Some conditions that could be considered emergencies include:

  • Infections from teeth decay that cause pulpal or gum abscess leakage. These occur due to poor oral hygiene and periodontal disease. An existing chronic illness and oral condition can snowball through the body of not treatment.
  • Painful fractures of the tooth or jawbone
    Knocked-out teeth from falling on hard objects or being hit
  • Tongue and mouth wounds; constant bites on your tongue signify the need to have your teeth realigned.
  • Wobbly teeth in adults brought by gum disease or tooth decay. Treatment involves anchoring the tooth to prevent extraction.
  • Loose fillings and crowns. These are treated as emergencies when they interfere with the functionality by hindering chewing or talking.
  • Severe toothache from impacted wisdom teeth

How Do I Prevent Dental Emergencies?

Most emergencies are characterized by accidents that are difficult to control. Even so, there are some activities you could practice to minimize the chances of dental problems. They include:

  • Brushing to your teeth twice a day
  • Flossing
  • Gargling antibacterial mouthwash every night
  • Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables
  • Wearing a mouth guard when playing sports
  • Investing in a retainer if you are prone to bruxism
  • Avoid using your teeth to tear the packaging open.
  • Following the dentists’ instructions to prevent dry socket condition

Can I Handle Dental Emergencies at Home?

While visiting a dentist near you should be a priority, you could administer First Aid to reduce your pain. Here are some tips you could employ:

  • Toothaches: Rinse your mouth with warm water. Apply a cold compress to the swollen part of your mouth or cheek to reduce swelling.
  • Chipped or fractured teeth: keep pieces from a broken tooth and rinse with warm water. Stop any bleeding using clean gauze. place a cold compress on the cheek or lip next to the cracked tooth to relieve pain
  • Knocked-out teeth: pick up the tooth and handle it by the crown while avoiding contact with the root. Rinse off any dirt and try to fit it in the socket. Don’t wash it or remove the pieces of tissue that may have remained on the tooth. Alternatively, put the tooth in milk or between your cheeks and gums.
  • If a foreign object is stuck between the teeth, try to remove it by using dental floss. Using a sharp object t like a pin could cause more damage.
  • Attach a piece of sugarless gum to the groove left by a lost filling.
  • use cotton wool to cushion a braces broken wire from piercing through your lips or gums
  • Rinse your mouth with salty water to relieve pain from an abscessed tooth. Also, the salted water will attract the pus to the surface for easier drainage.
  • Stop the bleeding with a cold, clean piece of cloth in case of cuts or bites on the lips.

What is The Importance of Emergency Dentistry

Some oral discomfort can wait, while some occurrences may require immediate intervention by an emergency dentist near you because:

  • It maintains the functionality of the teeth while minimizing the possibility of developing an infection. Infections have the potential to become severe conditions if not treated.
  • Urgent dental relieves intense pain allowing patients to conduct their daily activities.
  • It is a creative alternative to a conventional emergency room, which might give minimal care.

If you face a dental emergency in Phoenix, On Pointe Dentistry is the clinic for you. Our well-trained staff at 7th street dental aims to provide a rapid response and comprehensive treatment for you and your family.

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