Diet after Dental Implant Surgery

Feb 02, 2022

After getting a dental implant, you may need to maintain certain kinds of food in your diet for a while. You can only get this information from a qualified health professional.

If you want to get dental implants, make sure that you visit a dentist in Phoenix, AZ, or any qualified dentist near you. That will help you reduce the risk of complications during and after the surgery. After the surgery, you will need to eat. Hunger is one of the first sensations you will feel after your dental implant surgery. Patients are usually asked not to eat anything at least six hours before dental implant surgery.

Even though you feel hungry, you cannot eat whatever you desire. After the implant surgery, you have to watch your diet for the first couple of days or weeks. The surgery location will take time to heal, and chewing hard meals can cause damage. You have to stick with soft food until your gums are strong enough to return to your usual meals.

After Implants Food

If you have just had a dental implant surgery or you plan to have one, here are some diets that you have to get familiar with as soon as you finish your implant surgery;

  1. Liquid Meals: These are suitable for the first couple of days following your surgery. Liquid meals – soups, broths, bouillon, and so on – should be all you take during this period. You can also take healthy drinks like meal replacement drinks, protein drinks, smoothies, or juice. These foods supply high nutrients and help your surgery heal faster because of their calcium content.

For your fruit juice, endeavor to choose the ones that contain a moderate amount of citrus. Consuming excess citrus will also affect your teeth because of the acidity of the citrus.

  1. Cereals: Cereals are another superb food option for you if you have just had your tooth replacement surgery. Not only do cereals contain so many nutrients, but they are also hard to chew. Hence, only prepare cereals like oatmeal with berries or grits and cheese or anything else within the confines of “healthy and easy-to-chew.”
  2. Eggs: After moving from liquid meals to cereals, your next stop will be light meals. Eggs are a perfect example of light meals that you can eat – scrambled eggs precisely. With cheese, scrambled eggs can be very beneficial to your gums and oral health in general. Eggs are well-recognized for their phosphorus, which works to give you healthy teeth.
  3. Potatoes: Potatoes are easy to chew. They are soft and break easily in the mouth. This alone makes them an ideal meal for anyone recovering from tooth replacement surgery. The food also contains vitamin C, which works to improve oral health.
  4. Vegetables: Spinach or Kale are essential to your meal. Vegetables have a high calcium content, and when they are very soft, they can be a perfect option for people who just had dental implant surgery.
  5. Meat: Dental surgery implants will not hinder you from taking your meat if you are a meat lover. However, you must make sure that the meat is very soft. To do this, you can blend the meat and add it to your food to make it delicious. Beyond meat, eating fish can also help to reduce inflammation and protect your gums.

Can we have Dairy Products?

Yes. Milk, yogurt, cheese, ice cream, and other dairy products are excellent options for you if you just had dental implant surgery. Dairy products contain calcium, and your body needs all the calcium it can get at this point.


As much as you try to figure out a diet that you can follow after your tooth replacement surgery, ask your dentist in Phoenix, AZ, for other ways to take care of your teeth. The dentist will gladly help you make sure that there are no compilations after the surgery.

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