Dental Issues That Make Root Canals a Requirement

Jul 20, 2022

Endodontic treatment becomes necessary when you have a severe infection in a specific tooth due to decay or injuries to ensure you can save your natural tooth. Unfortunately, the treatment providing a remedy against the infection within the tooth sounds fearsome when advised by the specialist performing the therapy telling you it is the only option to save your tooth from extraction.

If a tooth in your mouth is specifically painful and sensitive when having hot and cold foods or beverages is time for you to visit an affordable dentist in Phoenix to determine whether you have a severe infection in the tooth that requires endodontic treatment to prevent further complications that might make the tooth necrotic or dead. The dentist you visit takes x-rays to identify whether you have dental pulp infections that make this so-called fearsome treatment necessary.

Not every tooth or oral issue requires treatment from specialists like Endodontists, and most are treated by the emergency dentist near me. Unfortunately, if you have a unique infection penetrating your tooth to infect its soft core, the dental pulp housing the blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue, you find it beneficial to seek specialized treatment from Endodontists to eradicate the infection inside your tooth and avoid its removal.

What Is Involved When Getting a Root Canal?

Although considered painful, root canals are a simple procedure requiring the dentist from dental offices in Phoenix, AZ, to open your tooth to extract the bacteria and decay infecting the dental pulp, nerve, and root. The dentist also applies antibiotics to the disinfected area, fills the empty roots, and seals the space to prevent further decay.

What Makes You Vulnerable To Needing Root Canals?

Untreated tooth decay from a cavity expanding the roots of your tooth is the most familiar reason for needing root canals. You might develop the decay from improper oral hygiene and your affinity to sugar and starchy foods that your mouth bacteria love to feast on and deposit acids to the tooth to cause enamel erosion and holes in the tooth. The cavities created by the material get past the dentin to cause severe pain in the tooth going away at times always to return with more ferocity. You might also experience sensitivity to temperatures even after removing the sensation and might notice discoloration of your tooth, indicating the need for getting a root canal to safeguard your dental and overall health.

If you develop pimples near the roots of a specific tooth with pain and tenderness to touch besides swelling in your cheeks and pus in the abscesses, it is a surefire indicator that you need root canal treatment as soon as possible from the Phoenix dentist because you confront a life-threatening situation because the infection is spreading from your jawbone and bloodstream to other parts of your body to make you vulnerable to different health conditions that need treatment from medical professionals unrelated to dentistry.

Although tooth decay is the primary reason for needing a root canal, your mouth bacteria can penetrate the tooth differently, getting through it on chips or cracks you might develop in a tooth from impacts on your mouth or when biting complex foods or objects. Therefore whenever you feel a tooth is susceptible, you must ensure that you contact the dental office nearby to have it examined and determine whether you need treatment like root canals.

You must realize that your teeth can become infected from improper dental hygiene, improper foods and beverages, injuries or impacts on your mouth, and various other reasons. Therefore you must exercise caution when caring for your teeth and visit your dentist frequently for exams to confirm nothing is wrong with your teeth and mouth.

Can You Avoid Root Canals If Recommended by the Dentist?

Avoiding root canals after receiving a recommendation from a specialist is an ill-advised decision because you risk losing your natural tooth to extraction or the tooth falling out with time. Unfortunately, the infected or necrotic tooth continues to spread to infect your neighboring teeth and jawbone, making you vulnerable to receiving more treatments at high prices than just a root canal.

If you want to prevent root canals, you can make attempts by following dental hygiene practices helping you prevent cavities and various tooth problems by brushing twice daily, flossing once, using mouthwash, limiting sugary and refined carbohydrates, and getting your teeth professionally cleaned every six months. In addition, you must visit your dentist whenever you suffer an impact on your mouth to determine whether you have chipped or cracked a tooth and get mended right away to ensure your mouth bacteria doesn’t have an opportunity to penetrate the tiny openings. These are some techniques you can adopt to prevent root canals. However, getting a root canal is better than compromising your health if you have an infection within your tooth.

Please do not delay or ignore excruciating pain in a specific tooth for too long but get it examined by On Pointe Dentistry to determine whether you need endodontic therapy. If the practice recommends, consider having the treatment as soon as possible from them to save your natural tooth and prevent other health problems.

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