Dental Cleanings Are Nothing to Be Scared about

Jan 08, 2020

Many people are apprehensive about dental cleanings because of the prodding and occasional discomfort in the jaw. However, most people confirm it is simple and painless. Knowing precisely what happens during the process can help to ease the apprehension to give you the benefits of enjoying minty-fresh results. Given below is the procedure for dental cleanings and the steps that will be undertaken by the dental hygienist who performs the cleaning.

Dental Cleanings Begin with a Physical Exam

A physical exam will be conducted by the dental hygienist before beginning the procedure for the cleaning. The dental hygienist will be using tiny mirrorlike instruments to check around your teeth and gums looking for signs of gingivitis or any other concerns. If any problems are detected advice will be taken by the dental hygienist from the dentist to confirm he or she can proceed with the cleaning.

Plaque and Tartar Removal

A scaler will be used along with the small mirror by the dental hygienist to remove any plaque and tartar accumulated around the gum line and between your teeth. You will be hearing scraping sounds which are quite normal. If excessive tartar has accumulated on a particular tooth you can expect to hear more scraping.

Brushing and flossing can prevent the build-up of plaque and tartar but if it has developed it can only be removed at the dentist’s office. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not avoid brushing and flossing at home every day.

Brushing Your Teeth with a Gritty Toothpaste

After the tartar has been removed completely the hygienist will use an electric toothbrush along with a gritty toothpaste that makes a grinding noise. It may sound scary but is a good method of removing any tartar remaining in your mouth despite the scaling. Dental hygienists use toothpaste that tastes and smells like regular toothpaste. However, because of the gritty consistency, it is possible for you to be scared about this part. However, when conducted by a professional it is considered safe for a couple of times every year. You are advised not to try this method at home because you are likely to wear down the enamel.

Flossing Lessons

You could be flossing every day in your home, but the dental hygienist will nevertheless give you a professional flossing lesson because he or she can get deep between your teeth and locate any trouble spots where you may bleed from the gums. You may believe this is an unnecessary procedure as you floss every day at home. However, the lesson can also remove any leftover plaque or toothpaste from the cleaning process.


Everybody knows how to rinse, and you may believe this is another waste of time. Your dental hygienist would, however, give you a rinse containing liquid fluoride.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatment is the final step of the cleaning process because it helps to protect your teeth by fighting against cavities for several months. Your dental hygienist may offer you a choice of flavors that you prefer before placing a foamy gel in a tray which will be fitted over your teeth for approximately a minute. Fluoride varnish may also be painted on your teeth which hardens when it comes into contact with your saliva. You may continue eating were drinking after this treatment.

Other Potential Steps

Professional dental cleanings must be scheduled twice a year. The dentist in Phoenix may decide to take x-rays once a year. However, other exams may be conducted during your visit if the dental hygienist or dentist observes any problems in your mouth. Children may be recommended dental sealants on their molars to help prevent cavities in difficult to brush areas.

Regardless of whether you need additional steps or not you need to continue going back to the dentist for regular dental cleanings if you want to avoid any problems altogether. It will be easy for you to undergo the procedure if you try to understand what’s happening in your mouth and perhaps begin to look forward to these appointments. Between appointments for a dental cleaning, you must continue brushing and flossing regularly and maintaining your oral hygiene routine in prime condition because it is the best way to ensure you don’t invite any problems into your mouth. Dental cleanings are a preventive measure to identify problems that may have developed without you understanding them.

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