Dangers of Delaying Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Jul 16, 2019

One gets wise with age. This statement stands truer in case of wisdom teeth. People start experiencing wisdom teeth in their late teens. For some, they might experience it in their mid-twenties as well. They are the last teeth to come in the adult mouth. Usually, people have 4 wisdom teeth- 2 at the top and 2 at the bottom.

Even though they are called wisdom teeth, there isn’t any enjoyment in having them. There isn’t enough room in the mouth for wisdom teeth to grow naturally. This causes irregular development of teeth, leading to tooth impaction. Partial rupture of teeth might leave the gums open, causing food to get stuck or even infection. These infections might spread to other parts of the mouth and might distress the jawbone as well. It might also hinder your ability to open the mouth, thus causing pain while speaking as well as chewing food

Therefore, it is advisable to plan wisdom tooth extraction as soon as it has grown enough to an appropriate point. If it is allowed to develop further, it might make removal tough. In some cases, the wisdom teeth grow around the nerve, leading to pain and making the extraction difficult without affecting the nerve.

Many people due to sheer laziness or fear of dentist avoid tooth extraction as long as possible. Dentist in Phoenix, AZ is one the specialized dentist in the country. These dentists have decades of experience under their belt and have worked on numerous cases of wisdom tooth extraction. Dentists in Phoenix do a detail examination of the mouth, the severity of wisdom tooth rupture and whether it will affect other parts of the mouth.

Wisdom tooth extraction might sound scary, but the pain of living with them is more than the fear of extraction. If you feel wisdom teeth growing at the back of your mouth, Google dentist near me and get an appointment with the nearby dentist at the earliest. Dental care is very much important for a healthy and happy life.

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