Can You Anticipate When You May Need Emergency Dental Care?

May 01, 2021

Is it possible for you to anticipate when you may need emergency dental care? Dental emergencies are practically impossible to predict or prevent and can affect you at any time of the day or night. You may develop a throbbing toothache first thing in the morning when brushing your teeth, sending you rushing to the dentist near me for a remedy before you head to the office.

The morning rush hours wouldn’t have permitted you to receive thorough treatment but may only allow you to receive some painkillers to alleviate your discomfort. What if the pain aggravates when you are working in the office? In such cases, you must search for an emergency dentist near me and visit them promptly, determined to receive thorough treatment for the problem bothering you.

What Can You Expect from an Emergency Dentist?

An emergency dentist is just another dental professional providing emergency dental care when you need it most. Whether you have an appointment or not, the emergency dentist has a separate chair available in their office to treat patients arriving without appointments. The emergency dentist near you also sets aside time from their busy schedules for patients who may have an unexpected dental problem.

When you reach the emergency dentist’s office determined to receive comprehensive treatment, the professional evaluate the dental issue bothering you before recommending appropriate treatment. If the problem confronting you is severe, you may need invasive dental procedures to deal with the condition. If your toothache results from a lost filling, the emergency dentist makes arrangements to restore your tooth and provides information on how you can avoid falling prey to such types of dental emergencies.

Can Emergency Dental Care Treat All Dental Issues?

The dentist in Phoenix providing emergency dental care has experienced staff, state-of-the-art equipment, and the knowledge to treat any dental issue. Whether you need a dental filling or require more intensive therapy like a root canal, the dentist provides the treatment at short notice, ensuring that they alleviate the discomfort you are undergoing and possibly save your tooth.

A throbbing toothache at any time of the day or night results from untreated infections festering in your mouth for long. The 7th Street dentist is fully aware of such problems and often confronts patients with dental abscesses resulting from deep decay within the tooth or even advanced periodontitis.

Dental abscesses don’t just need draining and cleaning but also require treatment for the infected tooth. In such cases, dentists perform the dreaded root canal therapy after taking x-rays of the tooth to determine the decay’s extent. Instances where patients arrive with advanced periodontitis, require the dentist to advise patients on maintaining the periodontal condition with regular dental visits and a proper oral hygiene regimen. Patients also need deep cleanings to remove plaque and tartar deposits from their teeth and below the gum line.

Managing The Need for Emergency Dental Care

Whenever confronted by a dental issue jumping around like a headless chicken is a routine habit among many. If you need emergency dental care, it doesn’t make sense for you to panic or jump around because the care you need is available from the dentist in Phoenix. Contacting the dentist with your problem and explaining your situation helps to receive some information on managing the dental issue until you get to the dental office.

If you have a knocked-out tooth in your hand, the dentist may recommend you reach the dental office within 30 minutes with the tooth maintained and moist condition either in your mouth or a tiny container of milk. Getting the dental office within the timeline stipulated can enable the dentist to insert the tooth back into its socket. If you are held up by traffic or any other reason, you may have to flash a toothless grin for a few days until you can get an appropriate replacement for the lost tooth.

A dental abscess is life-threatening because bacteria from the infection can spread to your bloodstream to cause various health issues unrelated to your mouth. Getting a dental abscess treated even by undergoing root canal therapy is recommended by dentists if you want to preserve your overall health and the infected tooth. If not, you can have the tooth extracted and search for replacements.

If you need emergency dental care at any time, it is available at arm’s distance from the dentist in Phoenix. However, why not merely maintain your dental hygiene in excellent condition and visit dentists frequently for exams to detect issues in your mouth before they aggravate into severe conditions? We are confident you feel it is an optimal way to avoid needing emergency dental care.

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