Boost Your Nutrition with These Six Supplements to Heal Cavities

Jun 09, 2023

When it gets the correct nutrients to succeed, your body can repair damage naturally, including in the mouth. It is why supplements are essential to help heal cavities. Of course, you can receive proper nutrition by having a nutritional diet. However, many people can boost their nutrition with supplements.

What Causes Cavities?

A single sugary meal is not responsible for the formation of cavities. In stark contrast is a combination of factors which includes saliva quality, your diet, your mouth’s pH level, and the condition of your oral microbiome, which create the perfect environment for cavity formation.

Dental plaque forms when your mouth bacteria combine with proteins in your saliva and food particles, then stick to your teeth. The bacteria feed on sugar molecules in the foods like processed carbohydrates and deposit acids on the teeth. When left uncleaned without brushing and flossing, the acid attacks break the calcium in the tooth enamel. Over time the breakdown can cause holes in teeth and tooth decay in the enamel and dentin.

There are multiple ways to interrupt this process daily, predominantly if your diet consists of foods like vegetables, animal proteins, and mineral-rich dairy products like hard cheeses that inhibit bacterial overgrowth resulting in cavities.

The problem of tooth decay diminishes if you stay well hydrated. Your saliva is a buffer between your teeth and bacteria left over from food. The natural remineralization process of your mouth can disrupt by conditions like dry mouth from mouth breathing. You can also disrupt acid attacks in your mouth when you brush your teeth and floss them to remove food particles between the teeth. However, they are not optimal techniques to prevent or reverse tooth decay.

How to Prevent Cavities?

The optimal way to prevent cavities is to schedule regular appointments for exams and cleanings from general dentistry, besides remaining diligent with your dental hygiene regimen. In addition, it helps to limit the consumption of sugary foods and beverages or consider getting dental sealants on your teeth as a preventive measure against cavity development. However, your mouth needs several essential nutrients to help remineralize teeth. Topical fluoride treatments can also help reverse tooth decay by remineralizing teeth when integrated into the tooth structure. However, we eventually need supplements to heal cavities because the vitamins and minerals help your teeth receive support from inside and outside to rebuild and reverse cavities.

Nutritional Supplements to Promote Oral Health

You may have the perfect diet thinking you are getting all the vitamins and minerals essential for remineralizing teeth from foods. Similar to vitamin C for colds or omega-3 fatty acids for brain and heart health, the supplements mentioned below support your body’s natural process to heal cavities or even prevent them.

The dentist in Phoenix, AZ, suggests calcium for bonding with tooth enamel to help remineralization of teeth. In addition, the dentist suggests vitamin D 3 to help the body absorb calcium into the bloodstream. Vitamin K 2 allows your body to distribute calcium to the teeth and bones correctly. Vitamin A helps your body process vitamin D. Magnesium helps balance calcium metabolism, and oral probiotics balance the oral microbiome.

Calcium is essential for healthy bones because it is the preparatory building block of these configurations while remaining crucial for proper teeth remineralization. Including vitamin D 3 in your diet functions as an anti-inflammatory agent to stimulate antimicrobial peptide production.

Vitamin A is an antioxidant micronutrient that helps absorb vitamin D to reduce inflammation in your gums to prevent needing periodontal treatment. It is also helpful to mix with other supplements to heal cavities.

Vitamin K 1 is essential for blood clotting and remineralizing the strength of your bones and teeth. Magnesium has a balancing impact on calcium metabolism and can prevent calcium plaque in arteries. With phosphorus and potassium, magnesium is a crucial mineral your bones need to remineralize teeth.

Oral probiotics do for your mouth what standard probiotics do for your stomach. Oral probiotics dissolve in your mouth because they contain strains essential for the mouth. When your oral probiotics are not in order, the harmful bacteria growing in your mouth after eating decay-causing foods run out of check to wreak havoc throughout your body, confirming that your oral health can affect your entire body.

The supplements described can help protect your health from excess plaque buildup, gingivitis, and oral thrush, lousy with and make you vulnerable to conditions like cancer, cardiovascular disease, and succumbing to Alzheimer’s.

Using supplements to heal cavities boost your body’s nutrition to fortify and remineralize your teeth. Therefore your favorite cavity-busting supplements should be calcium, vitamin D 3, vitamin A, vitamin K 2, magnesium, and oral probiotics. You must take the first four in tandem, ensuring your body balances to utilize the nutrients correctly.

If you want to boost your nutrition to help heal cavities getting treatments from the dentist is not the only solution. On Pointe Dentistry provides a list of supplements you can have to cure or prevent cavities from developing. If you or a family member is cavity prone, kindly discuss which supplements benefit most to prevent and heal cavities from them.

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