Jul 01, 2019

Root canal is a restorative procedure which helps in restoring the health, function, and appearance of a decayed or damaged tooth. But sometimes, it can be confusing to determine if you need a root canal or not. If you are ever in a state of confusion, it’s better to consult a dentist in Phoenix. Acting fast can help in saving your tooth from damage or tooth loss in the long run.

The dentist in Phoenix, AZ says that it is important to restore and repair the natural teeth as much as possible.

Here’s a Look at Some of the Signs That You Might Need a Root Canal:

  • Tooth Pain

The dentist near Moon Valley states that having pain in your tooth is a sign that you need a professional attention. The tooth pain often becomes worse with the passage of time. It can sometimes come and go. But you must remember that tooth pain doesn’t go away, it only subsides. You need the help of a dentist. Waiting for treating the pain until it becomes severe is not a good approach, says the dentist in Pointe Tapatio.

  • Facial, Gum or Jaw Swelling

When you need a root canal, it’s because your tooth is infected or decayed. A common symptom of infection is inflammation, says the dentist in Thunderbird. Swelling in the gums, jaw, or face is also an indication of presence of an infection. The dentist will evaluate the dental x-ray for finding out the location of the infection so that, right action can be taken.

  • A Fistula (Pimple) on Your Gums

A fistula is like a pimple which has a drainage outlet for the pus which is a sign of infection. While the fistula can prevent swelling and pain, the infection exists in your bone. A root canal therapy is one way of eliminating the bacteria associated with infection and allowing the body to heal. It is effective in most of the cases and your tooth is infection free within a few weeks, says the dentist in North Phoenix.

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