Actions To Take When Dental Emergencies Occur

Oct 01, 2021

(How will you act if you encounter a dental emergency? Please read this article to determine the actions you must take when dental problems occur.)

Dental emergencies tend to occur at unexpected times, leaving you wondering what you must do to overcome the dental issue bothering you. You don’t think for a moment whether the problem affecting you is severe or minor. The thought highest in your mind is to panic and act anxiously because your dentist is located in another part of the town and is unavailable when the emergency occurs. However, you don’t consider contacting the emergency dentist near me, a qualified dental professional providing you services needed at any time of the day or night and even on holidays to ensure they alleviate the pain you experience and help save your tooth. Instead of running around like a headless chicken, the action you must take when confronting a dental emergency is to contact the nearest emergency dentist to receive the treatment you need as soon as possible without trying to get to your regular dental care provider.

In reality, the kind of dental emergency affecting you determines whether you can drive down to your regular dentist if available or even delay the treatment for about 24 to 48 hours until you can schedule an urgent care appointment with your regular dental care provider. You will likely not have the freedom to do so if a severe dental emergency affects you late in the evening or even during the day.

Types of Dental Emergencies Needing Prompt Treatment

Dental emergencies can strike in various forms. Unfortunately, no two dental issues are similar, and the only similarity between dental emergencies is their need for immediate attention from the dentist in Phoenix.

A severe toothache early in the morning indicates an infected tooth with a cavity telling you it needs prompt attention from the dentist near you because the bacteria in the hole is probably drilling through the tooth and causing the pain. You may think visiting an emergency dentist is a waste of money because your regular dentist is conveniently available during daytime hours. However, are you willing to drive across town with the toothache throbbing in your mouth and waste time and money instead of just money to receive treatment for the problem? We think it would be a gross injustice to negate the services offered by the emergency dentist and drive across town wasting gas, time, and money to receive a filling that the dentist nearby would have provided by evaluating your tooth.

Would you think similarly if you had a tooth knocked out on your way back from work? A tooth knocked out of your mouth needs treatment within 30 minutes if you want to avoid the high costs of tooth replacement solutions. Will you avoid visiting the emergency dentist just around the corner merely because you think they will charge higher prices for the services they offer, or will you consider visiting them to have the tooth reinserted into its socket and prevent the expensive treatments for getting tooth replacements? We are confident you will undoubtedly prefer the latter and rush to the emergency dentist to avoid considerable expenditure.

Similarly, problems like bleeding gums when brushing or eating, a dental abscess, lost fillings, et cetera are best treated by emergency dentists instead of waiting to receive treatments from your regular dentist.

Who to Contact and Where to Go during Dental Emergencies?

When affected by any dental issue, minor or significant, you should get the problem treated by a dental professional and none other. You can contact your regular dentist to determine whether they are available or provide emergency services. Alternatively, you must also look for an emergency dentist nearby to get the treatment you need if your dental care provider is unavailable. Do not consider rushing to an emergency room ill-equipped to manage dental emergencies because they neither have the staff nor the equipment to treat dental problems. Furthermore, emergency rooms are prohibited from treating dental emergencies because they don’t have dental professionals on call. Therefore the alternatives before you are limited. You can either visit your regular dentist or consider treatment from the Phoenix dentist providing emergency services at any time of the day or night.

Ways to Avoid Dental Emergencies

Avoiding some emergencies emanating from accidents is practically impossible unless you wear a mouth guard throughout the day and night, even as you walk on the streets. However, the most common dental emergencies are entirely preventable, allowing you to avoid them by taking appropriate care of your dental hygiene by brushing twice daily, flossing at least once, and visiting dentists for six-monthly exams and cleanings. Besides these precautions, you must avoid or limit sugary and starchy foods and have a well-balanced diet to give your teeth the essential vitamins and minerals they need to remain healthy.

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