About to Get an Extraction? Here’s What You Should Know Before Undergoing the Procedure

Dec 03, 2021

Deep down, everyone believes that they’d have their teeth for a lifetime. But somewhere along the line, things happen, such as tooth decay that may necessitate that you undergo a tooth extraction in Phoenix.

As dentists, there is nothing that breaks our hearts as extracting teeth. This is because the main idea is to save your natural teeth since no tooth-replacement option will ever give you the experience of having your own teeth.

However, when our dentist near you recommends it, then the tooth cannot be saved. Some of the reasons our dentist may recommend an extraction can be tooth infection, severe damage due to trauma, overgrowth, or overcrowding of teeth.

Here are some of the things that you need to know about tooth extraction near you:

Types of Dental Extraction

Before you undergo a tooth extraction, our dentist near you will perform an oral exam, including a physical exam and imaging. This is a crucial step since it gives our dentist a clear picture of your teeth below the gumline.

The x-ray will enable our dentist to ascertain whether you will undergo one of the two types of extractions:

  • Simple Extraction

If your tooth that needs to be extracted is visible above the gum line, you will undergo a simple tooth extraction. The procedure is painless since our dentist will begin by numbing the area adjacent to the affected tooth. An elevator and forceps will be used to loosen the tooth and extract the tooth, respectively.

  • Surgical Extraction

On the other hand, if the x-ray reveals that the tooth has partially erupted or has not erupted (impacted tooth), then a surgical extraction would be the best way to go. Wisdom teeth have a knack for being impacted. In fact, this is the number one reason why most people have their wisdom teeth extracted.

The procedure is also performed under local anesthesia to ensure that you are comfortable. However, it is a bit more complex. Our dentist will make a tiny cut on your gums to access the tooth.

Our dentist will proceed to remove the tooth using forceps. At times, it is best to cut the tooth into smaller fragments to make the extraction much easier, or our dentist will cut the bone around the tooth and then pull it.

How to Prepare Yourself for the Tooth Extraction

Undergoing a tooth extraction can be a bit stressful. However, knowing how to prepare for one may make the procedure much more manageable. Here are some things that you can do:

  • Ask Questions

There is no better time for you to know everything about tooth extractions than when you have a face-to-face conversation with our dentist. So, list all of your concerns and questions before your visit.

No question is foolish. So, ask anything about the procedure, and our dentist will love to answer your questions. We would love to make you comfortable, and you should know what you are signing up for.

Also, you can discuss with our dentist about painkillers and anesthesia. These are essential components of the procedure. So, if you have been sedated before, inform our dentist of any side effects you have.

If you prefer certain painkillers, inform our dentist to ensure that you receive them during the treatment.

  • Compile Your Medical History

Your medical history is critical when it comes to preparing for the extraction. So, it would be best that you prepare your medical history before your visit. Leave no details out even if you suffer from liver disease, an impaired immune system, history of bacterial endocarditis, congenital heart defect, artificial joint replacements, etc.

Additionally, include a list of all the drugs that you use, plus herbal supplements.

  • Organize Transport

If you will be under some form of sedation, it is best to ask a family member or a friend to drive you home. This is because sedation can affect your senses.

  • Insurance

If you have dental insurance, have a chat with the company to know if they will cover the procedure or not. It would be best to know what to expect then to deal with the issue after the procedure.

If you need to undergo tooth extraction in Phoenix, contact us at On Pointe Dentistry.

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