A Root Canal Can Stop Tooth Decay and Save Your Tooth

Jun 01, 2019

Tooth decay can wreck havoc on your dental health. It’s not just about cavities as it can work its way into the innermost part of your tooth, i.e. the pulp and enter the root canals which lead to the tooth’s connection to the bone.

If that happens, you need more than drilling and filling as without medical intervention you may lose the teeth, says dentist in Phoenix. This intervention is the root canal procedure which aims at removing the infection from within the tooth and prevents it from re-infection.

Many people shy away from getting root canal treatment as they perceive it to be painful. However, with advent in technology, root canal is not painful anymore. With modern anesthetic techniques for dealing with pain, there is no pain, just a little discomfort. In fact, root canals are meant for stopping the pain caused by infected nerves within the pulp and root canals. Also, it saves the tooth.

According to dentist in Phoenix, AZ, root canals can be performed by a general dentist. More extensive decay or complex root canal networks may need the services of an endodontist who is a dentist that specializes in root canal anatomy and treatments. They have advanced techniques and equipment for handling even the most difficult case.

Regardless of who performs the root canal, the procedure and goal are the same, i.e. to completely remove all infected tissues within the tooth and seal it with a special filling for preventing re-infection, says the dentist near me. To access the diseased pulp, a hole is drilled for removing the infection. The dentist in Paradise Valley Village then fills the hole with gutta percha into the empty pulp chamber and root canals for sealing off the filling with adhesive cement.

For added protection, the dentist in North Mountain also places a crown on the tooth. It enhances the appearance of the tooth, which must be modified during the root canal procedure. Once the decayed tooth has been preserved, it will hopefully function well for many years to come.

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